About Us


ManualExpert.com is owned and operated by Tech Info Inc. Formed in 2007, we are a major retailer of technical information and educational literature. From the casual weekend repair enthusiast…to highly trained mechanics and technicians in the industry…we strive to give you the correct information to complete the job. 

Many of our manuals are designed to be read by trained individuals as they contain highly detailed information relating to a specific product.
If you need the job done right, then only the original manual will give you the correct information.
 The major cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle are the costs involved to keep it fit for purpose. Service and Repair costs can be quite substantial if you always rely on a dealership to service your vehicle. Many jobs can be carried out with minimal effort and basic tools if you have the correct information. Labor costs alone can skyrocket if the dealer in question is not honest and reliable.
Digital Downloads get you the information you need right now.
 When something goes wrong with your vehicle..it always seems to be at the most inappropriate moment. Going on a long drive with the family…or cleaning off your outboard motor at the start of the Summer. This is when you cannot wait around for a paper manual or cd to arrive in the post. One click with PayPal, and another click to download and you are done. You can be fixing your motor while the traditional manual is not even in the post yet.

We hope we can help you get the job done.

David Cook