John Deere TM2339 TE Gator Utility Technical Service Manual

John Deere TM2339 TE Gator Utility Technical Service Manual


John Deere TM2339 TE Gator Utility Technical Service Manual
234 pages of diagrams and photos, service and maintenance information.

File size is only 21.4 mb, so it can be downloaded in a short time over an average internet connection.

This technical manual is written for an experienced technician and contains sections that are specifically for this product. It is a part of a total product support program.

The manual is organized so that all the information on a particular system is kept together. The order of grouping is as follows:

Table of Contents

Specifications and Information
Identification Numbers
Tools and Materials
Component Location
Schematics and Harnesses
Theory of Operation
Operation and Diagnostics
Tests and Adjustments

Main Chapters -

Specifications and Information
Battery Charger
Electric Motor
Power Train

Chapters and Sub Chapters-

    Recognize Safety Information
    Understand Signal Words
    Replace Safety Signs
    Be Prepared For Emergencies
    Use Care In Handling and Servicing Batteries
    Prevent Battery Explosions
    Safe Charging
    Prevent Acid Burns
    Wear Protective Clothing
    Service Machines Safely
    Use Caution When Servicing Electrical System
    Use Proper Tools
    Park Machine Safely
    Support Machine Properly And Use Proper Lifting Equipment
    Work In Clean Area
    Using High Pressure Washers
    Illuminate Work Area Safely
    Work In Ventilated Area
    Handle Chemical Products Safely
    Dispose of Waste Properly
    Live With Safety
  Specifications & Information
    Table of Contents
    General Specifications
      Metric Fastener Torque Values
      Metric Fastener Torque Values-Grade 7
      Inch Fastener Torque Values
      Gasket Sealant Application
      Alternative Lubricants
      Synthetic Lubricants
      Lubricant Storage
      Mixing Of Lubricants
      Anti-Corrosion Grease
      Chassis Grease
      Transaxle Oil
    Serial Number Locations
      Machine Product Identification Number
      Electric Motor Identification Number
      Battery Identification Date Code
      Motor Controller Identification Number
      Battery Charger Identification Number
    Table of Contents
      Battery Specifications
      Torque Specifications
      Battery Position
    Battery Theory and Operation
      Deep Cycle Batteries
    Tests and Adjustments
      Battery Test
      Hydrometer Test
      Battery Discharge Test
      Battery Test Log
    Battery Maintenance
      Visual Inspection
      Battery Replacement
      Battery Tray and Support Removal and Installation
      Storage Procedure
  Battery Charger
    Table of Contents
      General Specifications
      Torque Specifications
    Component Location
      Battery Charger Component Location - NA
      Battery Charger Component Location - Export
      W5 Charger Output Plug
      W6 Charger Receptacle
    Schematics and Harnesses
      Battery Charger Electrical Schematic - NA
      Battery Charger Electrical Schematic - Export
    Theory of Operation
      Battery Charger Theory of Operation
      Troubleshooting Battery Charging Circuit
      Troubleshooting Battery Charger
    Tests and Adjustments
      Battery Charger Output Test
      Battery Charger Relay Bypass Test - NA
      Battery Charger Relay Bypass Test - Export
      Rectifier Test
      Fusible Link and Ammeter Test
      Capacitor Test
      Battery Charger Disassembly and Assembly - NA
      Battery Charger Disassembly and Assembly - Export
      Battery Charger Plugold-notItalic-open-TopLeftZoom-64-514-0.0
      Battery Charger Receptacle
  Electric Motor
    Table of Contents
      Torque Specifications
      Repair Specifications
    Component Location
      Motor Component Location
    Theory of Operation
      Motor Theory and Operation
    Tests and Adjustments
      External Motor Inspection
      External Motor Test
      Motor Removal and Installation
      Motor Disassembly and Assembly
      Inspecting Brush and Commutator
      Motor Brush Spring Tension
      Servicing Frame and Field Assembly
    Table of Contents
    General Information
      Operation and Diagnostics
      Diagnostic Information
      Wire Color Abbreviation Chart
      Reading Electrical Schematics
      Common Circuit Tests
      Conductors for 12 Volt Circuits
      Motor Controller Specifications
    Component Location
      Electrical Component Location
    Schematics and Harnesses
      Schematic and Wiring Harness Legend
      W1 Main Electrical Schematic
      W1 Main Wiring Harness
      W2 Charge Receptacle Wiring Harness
      W3 Power Wiring Harness
      W4 Speed Sensor Wiring Harness
      W1 Main Wiring Harness Wire Color Codes
      W2 Charge Receptacle Wiring Harness Wire Color Codes
      W3 Power Wiring Harness Wire Color Codes
      W4 Speed Sensor Wiring Harness Wire Color Codes
    Theory of Operation
      Motor Controller
      LED Status Light Fault Codes
      Clearing Fault Codes
      Hand Held Tester
      Fault Code Chart
      Diagnostic Check Points
    Operation and Diagnostics
      Unswitched Power Circuit Operation
      Unswitched Power Circuit Schematic
      Unswitched Power Circuit Diagnosis
      Primary Switched Power Circuit Operation
      Primary Switched Power Circuit Schematic
      Primary Switched Power Circuit Diagnosis
      Secondary Switched Power Circuit Operation
      Secondary Switched Power Circuit Schematic
      Secondary Switched Power Circuit Diagnosis
      Drive Motor and Speed Sensor Circuit Operation
      Drive Motor and Speed Sensor Circuit Schematic
      Drive Motor and Speed Sensor Circuit Diagnosis
      Park Brake Circuit Operation
      Park Brake Circuit Schematic
      Park Brake Circuit Diagnosis
      Forward and Throttle Circuit Operation
      Forward and Throttle Circuit Schematic
      Forward & Throttle Circuit Diagnosis
      Reverse and Throttle Circuit Operation
      Reverse and Throttle Circuit Schematic
      Reverse and Throttle Circuit Diagnosis
      Off Seat Circuit Operation
      Off Seat Circuit Schematic
      Off Seat Circuit Diagnosis
      Hour Meter
      Hour Meter
      Hour Meter
      Headlight Circuit Operation
      Headlight Circuit Schematic
      Headlight Circuit Diagnosis
    Tests and Adjustments
      Battery Set Test
      Electric Drive Motor Test
      Key Switch Test
      Functional Switches Test
      Seat Switch Test
      Headlight Switch Test
      Motor Relay Test
      Hour Meter
      Motor Speed Sensor Test
      Charger Interlock Switch Test
      Throttle Position Sensor Test
      Warning Alarm Test
      Throttle Linkage and Stop Adjustment
      Throttle Components Disassembly and Assembly
    Horn Circuit
      Horn Circuit Operation
      Horn Circuit Schematic
      Horn Circuit Diagnosis
    Cargo Box Lift Circuit
      Cargo Box Lift Circuit Operation
      Cargo Box Lift Circuit Schematic
      Cargo Box Lift Circuit Diagnosis
      Actuator Components
      Replace Actuator Clutch
      Replace Motor
      Cover Tube Seal
  Power Train - Gear
    Table of Contents
      General Specifications
      Torque Specifications
      Other Materials
    Component Location
      Transaxle Components
      Axle Components
    Theory of Operation
      Transaxle Theory of Operation
      Transaxle Removal and Installation
      Axle Shaft Removal and Installation
      Differential Case Disassembly and Assembly
    Table of Contents
      Service and Adjustment Specifications
      Torque Specifications
    Component Location
      Steering Component Location
      Steering Troubleshooting Test Points
    Tests and Adjustments
      Toe-In Adjustment
      Steering Wheel Removal, Installation, and Adjustment
      Tie Rod End Removal and Installation
      Steering Assembly Removal and Installation
      Spindle Shaft and Bushing Removal and Installation
      Steering Rack Boot Removal and Installation
    Table of Contents
    Component Location
      Rear Axle
      Brake System
      Brake Cable Component Location
    Theory of Operation
      Brake System
    Tests and Adjustments
      Front Brake Cable Adjustment
      Rear Brake Cable Adjustment
      Park Brake Switch Adjustment
      Brake Pedal Assembly Removal and Installation
      Brake Shoe Removal and Installation
      Front Brake Cable Removal and Installation
      Rear Brake Cable Removal and Installation
      Parking Brake Removal and Installation
    Table of Contents
      Torque Specifications
      Hood Removal and Installation
      Seat Removal and Installation
      Seat Base Cover Removal and Installation
      Rear Cover Removal and Installation
      Front Wheel Removal and Installation
      Rear Wheel Removal and Installation
      Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
      Hitch Assembly Removal and Installation
      Cargo Box Removal and Installation
      Adjust Cargo Box Latch

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